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The Mostra Di Cafe team welcomes you.

Mostra Di Cafe could be translated from Italian to English as “the face of coffee”. The company engages in purchasing carefully only the finest coffees from around the world (South America,  Africa, Asia and others), blending and roasting them accordingly, producing a variety of coffee blends. Based in Johannesburg – South Africa, our products can be found (besides the catering trade – restaurants & cafes) in most retail chain stores, basically in three formats: Beans, Ground & Capsulated.

Situated by the out skirts of Kempton Park – Johannesburg, Mostra Di Cafe is a coffee roastery of FSA certification (audited annually by Intertek), that strictly batch roasts & packs all coffee products same day.

Our culture can be described in one sentence: “Keep it real, fresh & simple”. Keep it real, because nowadays you do not need to be somebody special or spend serious amounts of money in order to enjoy the real thing. Keep it fresh because the fresher coffee is the better it tastes. Finally, sophisticated and extremely affordable machinery (bean to cup or capsule machines) makes the whole process of enjoying a good cup of coffee unbelievably simple.

Benefits of ordering coffee online

FRESHNESS of product is ensured (we send you coffee that was roasted & packed a couple of hours ago)
ONGOING DISCOUNTS applicable automatically, that ensure maximum value for your money
CONVENIENCE & ABSOLUTE SECURITY behind the way of placing your order online & receiving it within (in many cases) hours.