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The Mostra Di Cafe team welcomes you.

Mostra Di Cafe (translating to “the face of coffee” from Italian), embodies a commitment to excellence in every aspect of coffee production. A South African company, that meticulously selects only the finest coffee beans sourced from a diversity of regions (from the lush coffee plantations of South America to the high-altitude farms of Africa and the exotic landscapes of Asia) ensuring that every blend crafted by Mostra Di Cafe is a celebration of global coffee culture. These premium beans are then expertly blended and roasted to perfection, resulting in a diverse range of high-quality coffee blends.

Located on the outskirts of Kempton Park in Johannesburg, Mostra Di Cafe operates as a dedicated coffee roaster, processing – not only – a wide range of coffee products under the company’s label but also a great deal of coffee products under various private labels. One of its defining practices is the strict adherence to batch roasting and packing of coffee on the same day, a meticulous process that ensures that every batch maintains optimal freshness and flavour, a commitment that has been upheld since the company’s inception in 2013.

With a market share exceeding 40% (in most super market channels), Mostra Di Cafe’s products appear to be the coffee lover’s product of choice within South Africa’s retail sector but also (since the beginning of 2021) within the catering trade (restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc).

The company caters to various consumer preferences by offering its exceptional coffee blends in two main formats: whole beans and ground coffee.

The quality and consistency of Mostra Di Cafe’s products are underlined by its certifications. Since 2015, the company proudly holds FSA certification, demonstrating its compliance with rigorous food safety standards (audited annually by Intertek Global), whilst all products are certified Kosher and Parev, meeting the strict guidelines of the KCSA certification. These certifications not only validate the company’s commitment to quality but also ensure that its products are accessible to a diverse range of consumers who prioritize food safety and dietary considerations.

The company’s approach to coffee, extends beyond mere production; it embraces a philosophy – fully aligned with the art & science of coffee making, delivering an exceptional coffee experience to its customers.

In addition to high standards of production, the company actively engages with its community and industry by either initiating or participating in various coffee events and initiatives, sharing its expertise and passion for coffee with enthusiasts and professionals alike. By fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and collaboration, the company contributes to the advancement of coffee appreciation and craftsmanship in South Africa.

Looking ahead, Mostra Di Cafe remains dedicated to its founding principles of quality, integrity, and innovation. As consumer preferences evolve and the coffee landscape continues to change, the company is poised to adapt while staying true to its commitment to excellence.

Whether enjoyed in a bustling cafe, a cosy restaurant, or the comfort of one’s home, Mostra Di Cafe’s coffee blends promise a journey of flavour and satisfaction, embodying the true essence of “the face of coffee”.

Our culture can be described in one sentence: “Keep it real, fresh & simple”. Keep it real, because nowadays you do not need to be somebody special or spend serious amounts of money in order to enjoy the real thing. Keep it fresh because the fresher coffee is the better it tastes. Finally, simple (like a coffee plunger) or sophisticated (like a bean to cup machine) coffee brewing aids, make the whole process of enjoying a good cup of coffee unbelievably simple.

Benefits of ordering coffee online

FRESHNESS of product is ensured (we send you coffee that was roasted & packed a couple of hours ago)
ONGOING DISCOUNTS applicable automatically, that ensure maximum value for your money
CONVENIENCE & ABSOLUTE SECURITY behind the way of placing your order online & receiving it within (in many cases) hours.