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Coffee at wholesale pricing

Running a restaurant, coffee shop or (in general) any kind of business that falls within the catering sector can be extremely challenging and complex. Having suppliers that understand this is a major benefit for everyone in this game and we – at Mostra Di Cafe – know this very well! Join our big family of GOLDEN CUSTOMERS and let us add confidence, reliability and profitability into every cup of coffee served by your establishment.

We can confidently assure you of the following:

THE COFFEE WE ARE DELIVERING TO YOU IS OF PREMIUM QUALITY AND FRESHLY ROASTED – all the time, every time! This kind of coffee eliminates possible come backs (customer rejects) and increases coffee orders, while creating loyal customers.

THE DELIVERY TAKES  PLACE WITHIN 24 TO 48 HOURS! No matter where your business is situated within South Africa, our efficient – door to door – courier services will deliver the coffee you’ve ordered by your front desk or receiving.    

THE PRICE YOU PAY FOR THE COFFEE YOU RECEIVE IS UNBEATABLE! This statement is not a sales pitch line and is not a promise that never gets fulfilled. This is a FACT that we welcome any one to challenge us on!

YOU CAN PLACE AN ORDER ELECTRONICALLY! Besides calling our landline in order to place an order (011-3926140), you can achieve the same using a Computer or a Cellular. Easy, extremely safe and instant with a simple email.

BARISTA TRAINING IS OFFERED FREE! We can shape up you & your staff members skills on an ongoing & frequent basis – by your premises, ensuring that the art of extracting a good cup of coffee is maintained within your operation.

EQUIPMENT SERVICE & MAINTENANCE COVERED! We are affiliated with a number of coffee related equipment importers & technicians in South Africa. Being a GOLDEN CUSTOMER, the annual clean up & maintenance call on your equipment is to our cost.

UNIQUE COFFEE BLENDS FOR UNIQUE BUSINESS! Besides the main three coffee blends we offer, our experience in the Premium Coffee Supply makes us able to create additional, or match existing coffee blends – as per your needs.

There are two main criteria you need to meet in order to qualify for the GOLDEN CUSTOMER STATUS:

1) being a business active in the catering sector,

2) being able to order 6 kg (if within Gauteng) 12kg (if out of Gauteng) of coffee at a time.

So, do not waste more time thinking about contacting us – send us an email a d m i n @ m o s t r a d i c a f e .c o .z a  and let us take care of your coffee needs in the most exclusive & unique way is South Africa.