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How to make coffee part of your daily beauty regime

coffee & beans in cupAn espresso face mask? Or even using coffee as a hair dye? Here’s how it works.

There’s a lot more to your cup of java than you might think. A US study found that coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants. This is confirmed by that says the amount of antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables don’t even come close to the high amounts found in coffee – caffeinated or decaffeinated.
There, you have it. Your daily cuppa does a lot more than provide you with an extra ‘wake me up.’ But would you use coffee as a beauty product on your face and hair?

Here are 5 reasons why you should start:
• Use it as a facial scrub: According to, a mixture of nutmeg, cinnamon, coconut oil, raw sugar and, of course, ground coffee makes a great facial scrub that can be used regularly on your face and the rest of your body.
• Coffee is a great cellulite killer: Adding a mixture of ground coffee, 2 table spoons of water and 3-4 drops of tea tree oil to your loofah or washcloth and gently massaging the skin, boosts the skin’s circulations and, according to You beauty, is a major cellulite fighter.
• Even your hair can be caffeinated: While having your usual morning cup of coffee, you’ve probably never thought of pouring it over your hair, right? Coffee has natural staining properties, so combine the coffee with your hair conditioner and then apply it as you would other dyes (this is perfect for brunettes). Rinse off after about 45 minutes. The colour of the coffee will not only enhance hair that is already brown, but it will also add a glamorous shine.
• Exfoliate your scalp: According to Good Housekeeping, this is a great bi-weekly treatment to exfoliate your scalp from product build-up. Pour chilled, brewed coffee into a spray bottle, spray it onto your scalp and gently massage before rinsing it off.
• Eliminate dark circles under the eyes: I’m sure ‘zombie’ is not part of your everyday style. Make use of the advantage of coffee and mix up a great mask for your eyes.

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