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Direct Sales Team

Food and drink direct selling in South Africa is showing noticeable growth the last couple of years, driven by the increased consumer’s need to either identify & order alternative products to the ones that can be found on the super market shelve OR order the products the customer is accustomed to over the internet due to its simplicity & (in most cases) free delivery.

One of the products that the majority of South Africans use on a daily basis, is coffee. This global commodity is exactly what our company roasts, processes and delivers to any address within South Africa, in three basic formats: Coffee Beans, Coffee Ground & Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules.

online shopOur company’s powerful and secure online shop, is the platform that many customers already use in order to order or re-order coffee for their household, office or business. The on-line ordering process is quite simple and part of this process is also a special “Discount Window” that customers use in order to enter a special code and receive a discount on their order.

This “Discount Window” is the main tool that our Direct Sales Team uses and this is done the following way:

codeEach Direct Sales Team member has a unique “live discount code” that offers to the customer a specific discount on an ongoing basis (in other words the customer has the right to use the same code more than one time). The Direct Sales Team member introduces the coffee range to the customer by prompting him/her to – when purchasing online – use the discount code in order to receive his/her discount on all purchases.

The customer has absolutely no reason not to take advantage of the discount offered. The end result is an order that is received by our company, indicating this unique code that assigns automatically the discount on the customer’s invoice and a commission amount to the Direct Sales Member. We deliver within 48hrs to any destination within South Africa.

direct sales modelIf you already enjoy a wide network of people (prospect customers) – either via your profession or via social clubs (gyms, residence associations, etc) or social media (Face Book, Tweeter, etc) and you could do with an ongoing additional income that requires from you to simply spread the word over a product that everybody uses, then consider joining our Direct Sales Team.

For more information on our Direct Sales Team, email Lavern ( or Stelio ( today!